A dancer dressed in black carries another dancer also dressed in black




A dancer, dressed in black with black high heels, reaches back for her leg which is tossed behind her

"And the clear presence of rock solid composition - something almost wholly absent in a lot dancemaking lately - digs an exciting and unique foothold for this company on the rise."

- Lauren Warnecke 


Under the direction of Ashley Deran and Emily Loar, Project Bound Dance is a Chicago-based modern dance group rooted in the practice of collaboration.  


Since its founding in 2013, Bound has created work that is both curious and accessible. Creating both live concert performance and dances for camera, Bound draws from both modern dance and somatic fundamentals. Incorporating vigor, athleticism, and intricate gesture exploration Deran and Loar weave together the vision of two distinct artistic voices to create richly textured dance performance. 



The One Hour Project is Project Bound Dance's annual summer short film series. An experimental project emphasizing collaboration and concision, #the1hourproject gives Chicago choreographers and video artists 60 minutes to shoot the footage for a 60 second dance film in a unique Chicago location.

Surface - A One Hour Project
Pass_ings - A One Hour Project