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Ali Lorenz

Dancer | Collaborator

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Ali is a recent Midwestern transplant. They identify as an improviser, collaborator, and a mixed-medium artist. Ali holds a BFA from the University of Utah in Modern Dance, where she studied under Stephen Koester, Eric Handman, and Satu Hummasti amongst others. While at the University of Utah Ali had the pleasure of performing in works by Doug Varone, Stephen Koester, and Anouk Van Dijk. Ali has presented devised work through Queer Spectra Arts Festival (SLC), Deseret Experimental Opera (SLC), and Pink Slip Zine (Chicago). In the past few years Ali has performed in various freelance works throughout Salt Lake City and Chicago, with Free Pool Collective and various independent artists. Current collaborations include separate research projects with Mia Martelli (Brooklyn) and Kara Brody (Chicago).

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