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Emily Loar

Artistic Director

Emily Loar is a movement artist and writer who explores the intersection of experimental movement and original spoken word. Her solo practice is an incubatory process combining long-form poetry that explores stream of consciousness, wordplay, and improvisational movement that explores muscular impulse, gesture, and stamina. Loar’s choreographic work seeks to combine our primary forms of communication: written and spoken word, body language and facial expression, playful instincts and imitation. 


Loar received a BFA in dancemaking from Columbia College Chicago and since graduating she has performed works by Peter Carpenter, Lydia Feuerhelm, Kasey Foster, Erin Kilmurray, Jonathan Meyer, and Julia Rae Antonick.  In 2019 she received funding through the DCASE individual artist grant program. 

A founding member of Project Bound, Loar took over as Co- Artistic Director alongside Ashley Deran in 2018. Bound aims to foster community engagement, dance/technology experimentation, and socially conscious performance. Her work, Notified, created in collaboration with Deran and presented at Links Hall was selected by SeeChicagoDance as a top 10 performance of 2019. Through Bound, Loar began facilitating The One Hour Project, an annual summer short film series, in 2016. An experiment in collaboration and concision, #the1hourproject gives Chicago choreographers and video artists 60 minutes to shoot the footage for a 60 second dance film in a unique Chicago location.

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