"Deran and Loar’s compelling use of gesture and phrase work alluding to our devices’ maddening vie for attention in the digital age closed the evening on a high note."

- Lauren Warnecke , Art Intercepts

"Ashley is an accomplished and saught after photographer and videographer, and I saw the immense talent she has in visual composition demonstrated consistently throughout the evening."

- Kristi Licera, DancerMusic

Under the direction of Ashley Deran and Emily Loar, Project Bound Dance is a tri-focal dance collaboration aiming to foster community engagement, dance/technology experimentation, and socially conscious performance.  


Bound also curates a dance and film collaborative experiment known as The One Hour Project. The One Hour Project is an exercise in collaboration and concision. Using the structure of a blind date, three artists - a choreographer, a Project Bound dancer and a video artist/videographer - are given one hour to design and shoot the footage for a 60 second dance film.  The One Hour Project is an effort to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration within the Chicago arts community, while encouraging the exploration of Chicago’s outdoor spaces.  The confines of the project allow artists of different disciplines an opportunity to collaborate with different mediums and build connections with fresh faces.